Amoveo VEO
$25.54 22.33%
Amoveo 强制更新激活失败

由于出现bug,Amoveo 原定于区块高度57000的强制更新激活失败。


有关Amoveo 的此次更新可以查看文章:HitBtc交易所的VEO提现最新进展:不会冻结

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  • 宋大小姐姐2019年08月01日 13:38:12
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    Hello, this is the business of BIONE Exchange. The Exchange was established on May 21, 18. At present, its registered volume has reached one million. Currently, it ranks 35 or so on non-trumpet. It has obtained the MSB license of the United States and has been connected with CMC. I do not know about your project in the near future.

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