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Today we are releasing the first public version of the Haven Vault with xUSD to testers in this channel. Download links here:

Windows: http://docs.havenprotocol.org/Haven-1.0.0_Setup.exe

Mac: http://docs.havenprotocol.org/Haven-darwin-x64-1.0.0.zip

Below are some important notes. Please read these carefully.

-**This is only a testnet. Use test coins only and do not send any real XHV.**

-Delete any old testnet folders, do not mine from old testnet CLI wallet

-Post your address here and someone will send you test funds to play with.

-Please test all the features of the Vault, most importantly the xUSD offshore/onshore exchange functions.

-This Vault ships with it's own automatic local node; remote node will be available in future versions

-Synch should take 10-15 minutes (testnet at 55k blocks now)

-New features added: advanced xUSD exchange tab with unlock options & exchange xUSD to another address

-There is also a "Start Mining" tab in Settings now - please enable this to help the testnet network

-We've worked through a lot of kinks and bugs over the last few weeks, but there may be small things that you see - please point them out.

-If you find any bugs/issues using the Vault **please list them using the tag #bug** and give us as much info/screenshots as possible so we can log and keep track of them

-If you have any feature requests for the Vault **please list them using the tag #request**

-If you have questions, ask them!

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