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-许可证:GNU/GPL v3(当被选中为赢家时)

-格式:任何,jpeg,png等,提供诸如xfc / psd / 如适用。..如果被选为赢家,如在GNU / GPL精神


为了使赏金公平,提交给#设计师赏金频道的每一份投稿都将被视为根据CC BY-NC-ND许可(创作共用,归属+非商业性+非商业性)发布,除非作者将指定任何其他许可。只有在赢得比赛后,才能以GNU/GPL v3发布作品,以获得奖金。


Bounty: 1 Veles Masternode (500 VLS)

We are announcing a bounty of 500 VLS total for 5 best proposals of a Veles Core inspired wallpaper, in a line with project's branding, on any theme - be creative! It'll be used in completely new Veles Core project (not yet announced, release Q1).

Bounty Rules:

- 5 designs will be picked by voting and awarded total of 500 VLS - each gets prize 100 VLS,

of which:

- 4 designs will be voted for by the community (eligible for vote are discord users that joined the server before this announcement, and or twitter followers that have followed project's account more than 1 month)

- 1 design will be voted for by the Veles Core team

- one participant canwin multiple prizes if multiple of his designs will be picked

- anyone can submit any number of designs that satisfy Requirements below to the #designer-bounty channel

- deadline Feb 14th 2020 (if less than total of 10 proposals will be submitted, moved to March 1st 2020)

Bounty Requirements:

- what: computer wallpaper

- themes: online privacy, technology, free style (any theme)

- resolution: 1920x1080 or 1280x960

- license: GNU/GPL v3 (when picked as winner)

- format: any, jpeg, png, etc., providing source files like xfc/psd/ where applicable... if selected as winner, as in GNU/GPL spirit

Notice: It is a responsibility of each contestant to ensure his work is eligible to be published under GNU/GPL license v3 or later, eg. needs to take into consideration licensing of used fonts, photos, bitmaps, etc..

For the bounty to be fair, each submission to the #designer-bounty channel will be considered to be published under CC BY-NC-ND license (Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives) unless author will specify any other license. The work needs to be published under GNU/GPL v3 only after winning the contest in order to receive the bounty.

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