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搭建节点要求:2000枚币 (下一版本更新后将改为500枚)

Veles 目标是搭建一个分布式的vpn系统,解决网络信任和网络封锁问题。当前,所有人都是通过集中化公司提供的服务进行网络链接,所有信息都是在中心化的服务器中进行流转;同时中心化网络拥有者可以高度控制网络的各项权限,由此带来巨大的影响,如“墙”。而解决以上问题,正是veles的目标。

Veles项目目前还处于初期阶段,很多设想都还在实现的路上。对于分布式vpn,我进行了一些市场调研。 显而易见,避开国外的市场不说,单是大陆的市场前景,都是旷阔无比!

17曾有一个国内的团队要做去中心化vpn,募资了近亿的资金,然后至今一事无成,近乎归零! 但veles却不是,在没有任何募资以及预挖的情况下,团队几个核心代码贡献者一直勤恳付出,长期坚持更新代码,并将于近期登录国外优质原创币平台,并将于近期更新新的官网以及路线图。


Veles 技术实现的方法大致如下:

Our dVPN solution is better in many ways . At first our VPN service will be running beside the masternodes (tier1*) so it will be complete decentralized , the data will not be able sell or barter with government or any companies . (tier1 MN- basic idea is to integrate OpenVPN with the 1. tier masternodes, which will do most of the tunnelling jobs, certificate handling, subscription processing etc. ) there will be also option to choose the level of anonymity over speed or reliability of a transmission. For that we will implement tier2 masternodes - should be as lightweight as possible, and will act as hops/exitnodes. We'll basically attach to the data also an information about the number of required next hops, each hop decreasing this counter (almost like TTL in the IP header), before passing the data to another randomly chosen 2. tier node (until the counter is zero) (So this is little bit different from standard onion routing, especially the first generation, where the list of hops -a path/circuit, is already selected at the beginning of message broadcast).On the communication of the live exit node data - no need for centralised server or a directory, of course, the list of active masternodes can already be obtained in a decentralised manner from any Veles network node (which will work the same for the 2. tier nodes). The accessibility of the masternodes/exitnodes is regulary tested by all the regular nodes on the network, this has already been implemented and battle-tested thanks to the Dash team.

We have also plan how to pass Great Firewall of China and DPI in general (deep packet inspection), that's not gonna be the difficult part. Even just wrapping OpenVPN packet headers and data into another SSL layer, the stunnel style, masking it as HTTPS connections works quite well against most DPI including GF of China. As we see the regulations on Internet become more intensive and trend showing that will not be better ... I personaly think the dVPN will be main solution for many human beings on the world.

除了上述之外,veles是pow币,支持多种算法挖矿,同时可以搭建节点 。

节点当前需要的币是2000枚币,下一版本将改为500枚。 节点以及挖矿等内容资料,将会陆续有志愿者翻译中文。欢迎大家一起建立veles的中文社区!

附上官网下一版本的部分图片,开发者很重视大陆市场,声称将会与近期上线官网中文版本,以及赏金志愿者 翻译中文白皮书!

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