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Create shard in TERA




Let's start with the location of the files in Tera. When you download Tera source codes, they are usually located in the wallet/Source directory on your computer. At the same time, data such as the blockchain database, constants, and other settings are created and stored in the wallet/DATA directory. The General view of folders is as follows:



This is how data and codes are separated.

But in Tera sharding is not just a division of the blockchain into fragments, but it is an independent (sovereign) blockchain with its own laws. In the world of blockchain, it is accepted that the code is the law, so you need a place to put the code, but so that it is not overwritten when updating.

Therefore, in Tera, unique shard settings, including changed codes, are placed in a file


So if there is a file in the DATA directory shard.js, then with the standard launch command: node run-node.js actually starts the shard.

Here is an example of the settings file for creating your own shard You can use them as a basis when creating your own shard.

To launch other nodes of your shard, you need to place this file in the DATA folder on these nodes. You can do this by copying files manually or by specifying the address with the shard already running in the from parameter, example:

node set from:

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