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Harrison】Equilibria 创始人和核心开发者




Hi Thomas and Harrison, please say hi to the community and introduce yourself :)



Triton(XTRI) now is well known. Why do you want to change the name ? Does this new name have a special meaning?

The original name Triton (XTRI) may be well known in China, but it in the English language the word ‘Triton’ does not have any special meaning to the project. Our goal with the rebrand was to pick a name with special meaning that sounded more like a stablecoin to our English language users.

Both the name Equilibria (XEQ) and the logo refer to a chemical reaction equilibrium – this is a balanced forward and backward process between two molecules – similar to the two coin balance on the Equilibria blockchain.

“海王星”这个名字在中国也许很有名,但在英语里,“海王星”这个词并没有什么特别的含义。我们的目的是挑选一个有特殊意义的名字, 让英文社区用户听起来更像一个稳定币。



Why do you want to do this project?

While difficult to achieve, Equilibria is the sort of project we think could impact millions around the world. We are trying to make the first decentralized single-blockchain US dollar stablecoin. The most similar existing project is Maker-DAO – a project that uses off-chain assets to back their stablecoin. The goal with Equilibria is to back our stablecoin USDE with the on-chain asset XEQ.



As a stable coin, will USDE have an additional issuance? Compared to USDT, what’s the innovation of USDE?

Tether follows the most common method of building a stablecoin - through direct asset backing and trusted third parties. Every Tether (USDT) issued is supposedly backed 1:1 by US dollars held in bank accounts. This limits how large Tether can scale and requires users to trust that those banks actually hold the money!

In our case, there are no banks like Tether. And there are no off-chain assets like Maker.

Market supply and demand alone determines issuance of USDE – not the team. If users would like to create USDE, they are allowed to burn and destroy $1 of XEQ to make it. This USDE stablecoin is always backed by the promise to be redeemed for $1 of XEQ, creating a market equilibrium which backs the stablecoin.



是市场的供给和需求决定了USDE的发行,而不是团队。如果用户想要创建USDE,需要销毁$1的XEQ,这个USDE稳定币总是得到XEQ 1美元兑换的承诺的支持,创造了支撑稳定币的市场均衡。


Since there are so many stable coins in the currency market, how does USDE expand its market share?

That is true, there are quite a few stablecoins out there. Almost all require US dollars or other assets to work. In the case of Equilibria, the backing asset is the dual coin blockchain itself – with XEQ providing value to USDE via user trading and our oracle algorithm.

We believe with the combination of our innovative technology and our marketing and business development strategy, we will be able to create a global expansion of awareness for Equilibria. Once USDE is on mainnet, we will have created the first private and decentralized stablecoin - true digital cash.




At present, China knows a little about XEQ, what ways will XEQ expand its influence? Do you have a publicity plan?

We have a plan for growing the awareness, useability, and accessibility of Equilibria. Most of 2019 will be focused on the development of our stablecoin, but as we get closer to a working product, we will increase our marketing efforts. More information on our strategy will be released in our upcoming white paper.



Do you have plans to list on more exchanges?

Yes, as we progress in development, we will be looking to partner with more exchanges. We will need more volume for our protocol to properly work, and traders will be the first group of people to have access to USDE.



Where do the main developers come from?

Harrison, Thomas, and Tyler are all from Portland, Oregon, USA.



What do you think of this cooperation with Citex? And what do you think of Citex?

We are extremely excited to be working with Citex, and we see this as an opportunity to create an ongoing collaboration. We have many active Chinese community members in our English language Discord chat channel, and these community members have been asking for us to trade on Citex as some of our other exchanges are not available in China.



When can XEQ be converted into USDE?

We have been working on USDE all year and have made great progress. We will have a testnet version of USDE available within just a few weeks, but for mainnet, it is hard to say. It likely will be ready by December, but it USDE will require immense testing before we launch it. We must ensure that our protocol will work properly before launch



What do you want to say to the growing Chinese community?

We would like to give a huge thank you for all the support the Chinese community has given us this year! We are working extremely hard every day to make Equilibria and USDE happen. The support truly does help the team out


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